Pastrana Park

Pastrana Park was declared by the local government as a municipal archaeological site because of its major significance to the town.
During the digging when the park was improved, remains of European and Chinese artifacts were discovered.
It's also the location where the annual Ati-Atihan Festival is celebrated. All major streets in Kalibo intersect in this park.
It's also the the location where Gen. Francisco del Castillo died in Action. He's a patriot defender of Liberty and Leader of the Aklan revolutionists. The monument was erected at the corner of the park in 1952.
It's located just across the Kalibo Cathedral and a favorite spot for locals, specially students. It's also near the Aklan college and other establishments. Perfect spot to unwind, play or just sitting there and do nothing.
I'm amazed how clean this park is even though there are a lot people going there.  Not a must see, but if you are going to the church, it won't hurt passing by here.


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