The Peak Tram

Aside from riding the cable car, I was looking forward to ride the Peak Tram before our trip to Hong Kong. Not only because it's one of the oldest means of transportation in Hong Kong but because of the visual illusion one will experience when riding it.

The tram does not only carry tourists to the upper levels of Hong Kong Island but also local residents that live there. It is owned and operated by Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, also the owner of the famous hotel in Hong Kong, The Peninsula and many other properties. It was officially opened on May 30, 1888 with 600 passengers.
The long line at the Lower Terminus
I've read many reviews about the Peak Tram and some of them are scary telling that when the tram starts running it makes a sudden stop that will make the passengers dizzy. I was worried when I read that and made a lot of research. Well, I gotta experience it myself to tell if it's really scary of not. And I'm telling you now, it's not scary at all. I say very popular and over crowded but not scary.

When I was preparing my itinerary for our Hong Kong Trip I didn't know that the the Peak can really be crowded, specially at noon. Good thing I bought an advance ticket from Klook. They have a special lane and we were able to ride the tram without falling in line under the heat of the sun.
We only stayed in line for about 15 minutes and then we were called to go in and wait for the tram's arrival. It's really crowded and even though we were able to skip the long line we had to struggle getting into the tram. I had to stand very firm on the ground, otherwise people will push me out of the way. There are only 4 meets up Klook offers and you have to be on time or they will leave you behind.
View from the tram
The Lower Terminus is located at the Garden Park, where the Peak Tram Historical Gallery. They said that it's like a time tunnel with more than 200 memorabilia exhibited. This gallery which was divided in 15 sections will take anyone back to the 19th and 21st Centuries. We originally planned on visiting the Gallery first before meeting up with the representative of Klook, but we ran out of time after visiting the Kowloon Walled City Park.
Riding the Peak Tramway gives a person a good view of the skyscrapers and the Hong Kong's harbor.We were able to get the seats at the right corner of the tram on the way up so I was able to see the harbor and the skyscrapers. And on the way back, I was again seated on the right side so I can see the buildings along the way and the illusion really is true.
All the buildings looks like they are falling toward The Peak. I took a lot of pictures to have proofs, but since it's only an illusion all my pictures are normal, all the rises are standing straight and not inclined at all.
According to a study by the University of Hong Kong, this illusion is induced by a change of the subjective vertical caused by the tilted visual environment and reclining position of the observers inside the tram. Riding the Peak Tram is really a must when you visit Hong Kong.
The long line at the upper terminus at The Peak
Peak Tram is open from 7:00am to 12:00pm, Monday to Sunday and even on Public Holidays. If you don't want to buy a ticket from Klook, you can visit The Peak Tram's Website:  to buy the ticket online or to get the latest promos. 

The Peak's Website:
Klook's Website:
Helpful Tips:
  • If you want a hassle free ride, book your ticket ahead of time via Klook. They were given a special lane and guests don't have to fall in line for hours just to ride the tram. You'll get your voucher as soon as you pay it online. Then an actual ticket will be given to you by the Klook representative on the scheduled meet up.
  • The line going back to downtown Hong Kong start to become after 5:30pm so if you don't want a hassle, go there before that. We wanted to see the Harbor at night but since it's foggy and can't see it even on daytime, we decided on going back, and the line is already long.
How to Get to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus? Please click here.


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