Hong Kong Day 2: Kowloon Walled City Park | The Trick Eye Museum | Sky Terrace 428 | Clock Tower | Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade | 1181 Heritage | Symphony of Lights | Jade Night Market

Travel Date: November 28 – December 1, 2015 (Saturday - Tuesday)
Before we even visited Ocean Park, we already decided that we're going to stay the night in one of the hotels in the island. We will be exploring the park until it closes and it will be dark before we finish. We just rested at the hotel and never had a chance to explore so my photos are limited. We had a tiring day prior and not much sleep but had to wake up early.

8:15am: Travel to Silka Seaview Hotel
There's no MTR connecting the Island to Hong Kong yet so we just took took a taxi back to Hong Kong. When planning on taking a taxi from Ocean Park to Hong Kong, take note that the toll fee will be added to your fare. The good thing about taking a taxi in Hong Kong from Ocean Park is that the road is not congested. 

Hotel check in is not until 12:00noon so we just left our luggage at the reception and then walk to the nearest MTR station, while looking for a fast food to have breakfast and start with our day. 

To know more about the hotel, please visit: Silka Seaview Hotel

9:01:am: Breakfast at Yoshinoya
We found a lot of local food stalls along the road, but since we are kind of scared eating something that we don't know, we had to look for a more familiar food store. We walked further and we found Yoshinoya. Ordering food is much easier because there are translations. We ordered breakfast set (rice set), took our time to eat and then headed to the MTR to get to Kowloon Walled City Park.

9:40am: Travel to Kowloon Walled City Park
Yau Ma Tei Station is just 7 minutes away from Silka Seaview Hotel and about 5 minutes from Yoshinoya. From there it takes about 16 minutes to Lok Fu Station. We still had extra time to buy coffee and explore a little of Lok Fu Plaza before heading to the exit and walk to the park.

10:16am: Kowloon Walled City Park
Our first stop for the day is the Kowloon Walled City Park. I suggested this to my friend because I'm curious to see the park that was once a slum. At that time, I thought it's worth a visit. However, if you don't have much time, visit other major attractions in Hong Kong instead of this. Nothing much to do or see, aside from the statue of the 12 zodiac signs and the pavilions. It's also far from Lok Fu Station so better take the mini buses to get there. However, if you are curious just like me and wanted to revisit the history of the place, then go there.

To know more about this attraction, please visit: Kowloon Walled City Park

Follow this link on how to get there by foot or by mini bus from the nearest MRT Station: How to Get to Kowloon Walled City Park? 

11:00am: Kowloon City Plaza
We walked from the park to the Kowloon City Plaza to window shop a little and buy something if we find it cheap. We didn't see much of the stores in the plaza, but we were able to check the items in Sassa, specially the perfumes. They are cheap, but I still find the perfumes in my favorite store in Manila cheaper. While my friend is checking items, I went out to take a couple of pictures.

To know more about this plaza, please visit: Kowloon City Plaza 

11:16am: Travel to The Peak Tram
Our next destination is the Peak and we had to be at the Central MTR Station by 12:00noon to meet with the Klook representative. We thought we had enough time when we got out of the plaza, only to realize that we're lost. So we had to walk around, cross the street and look for a bus stop. After 16 minutes of walking and finding our way, we found this bus stop for bus#25.
And if it's not really a good thing, a bus is already on it's way and didn't have to wait long. The fun thing when you travel in Hong Kong is, wherever you go, there's always a chance to meet a fellow Filipinos. And we did when we're at the bus. She's probably glad to meet other Filipinos that she asked us to wait for her while she buys her ticket. We're already running out of time, but we stayed and wait for her.

If you are not planning on buying a ticket from Klook, here's how to get to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus: How to Get to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus?  

To avoid the long line at the Peak Tram Lower Terminus, please visit: Skip the Long Line at the Peak Tram Terminus! Book Now! 

12:00pm: Meet up with Klook Representative
Klook is very strict with the meet-up time and we're glad that we made it!We were running, then walk to catch our breath, and then run again just to make it. It's all worth it, though, because we didn't have to wait and fall in line just to get a ticket and ride the tram. If you are planning on visiting the "The Peak" make sure you buy the ticket in Klook, for a VIP service.

12:24pm: Peak Tram Ride to The Peak
Even though we had a VIP lane to get to the Peak Tram, our guide (klook representative) didn't have the power to give us special pass getting to the tram. The tram is really small and the door or narrow you have to push yourself to get in because people want to get in first. They don't give priority for old people or mother with babies so it's really a pain. Just make sure you are ready to push and bump people when you ride the tram. It's all worth it because of the short travel, compare to bus ride, which is almost an hour.

Helpful Tip: If you can choose a seat or location, stay at the right side to see the view of city.

To know more about the Peak Tram, please visit: The Peak Tram

1:10pm: Lunch at Pho Yummee
When we arrived at the Peak, our tour guide accompanied us up to the Trick Eye Museum and gave us the ticket, it's included in the package we bought from them. We just had a couple of pictures with him and parted ways. Instead of entering to the museum, we decided in having lunch first so we have energy to explore it later. On our way to the museum we saw this restaurant and we decided on eating there. Pho is a Vietnamese restaurant and you can never go wrong with their food. Everything we ordered were delicious. Not to mention that one of the (little) customers there liked me (LOL). 

For more details on this restaurant, please visit: Pho Yummee

2:26pm: Trick Eye Museum
I first saw a trick museum in Boracay Island and since then I was curious to see other museums like that. So when I learned that there's one in Hong Kong, I included it in our itinerary. Good thing was, it's included in the package offered by Klook at a reasonable price. The museum is small, but I enjoyed it very much. Not so many people around during our visit so we were able to take photos with each of the wall art that we like. We didn't have to wait for our turn. You can do your poses but it's better to follow the instruction to get the perfect effect. This is a must visit at least when you're at the Peak. Please check also the Madame Tussaud Museum when you're there. I wanted to visit this since we're already there, but we didn't buy the ticket in Klook thinking that it's cheaper when you buy it there, but it's not. So if you are planning on visiting, make sure you buy the package in Klook that includes the Trick Eye and the Madame Tusssaud.

For more details and pictures, please visit: Trick Eye Museum 

3:58pm: The Peak/Peak Galleria
The Peak for me, if the Trick Eye Museum and Madame Tussauds were not there, is just a regular shopping area in Hong Kong. Yes, you're at the highest peak in Hong Kong and you can see the city scrapers from there, but when it's foggy, you won't be able to see it. And if you're not up for a stress falling in line in the Peak Tram or take almost an hour bus ride, then don't go there. There are other interesting places in Hong Kong that you can spend your precious time to. I won't advise this for parents with small kids or babies as they will have a hard time getting into the peak tram. even though you have a VIP ticket to skip the long line, you will still have push your way to get to the peak tram. Peak Tram is an old train car and it's narrow.

For more details, please visit: The Peak/Peak Galleria

4:58pm: Peak Tram Ride
Our tour guide told us that the line to get into the Peak Tram tends to get longer and croweded after 5:00pm. No VIP lane this time so we had to shortened our stay and went to the station. The line was already long, but at least not as much as when on our way there. There's no protection from the sun or rain, so make sure you bring an umbrella or a hat. And if you are alone, make sure that you went to the toilet or bought water bottle because once you leave the line, you  will have to fall in line again at the back.

5:36pm: St. John's Cathedral
When we were walking to the Peak Tram station, we passed by a Catholic church and I now without even talking about it, we will be going there on our way back. My friend always make sure that we visit a church whenever we're on vacation. There's no mass being held when we were there so it's kind of dark inside. We just offered a short prayer and left.

For more details on services and mass schedules, please visit:  St. John's Cathedral

7:06pm: 1881 Heritage
Our next destination is the Symphony of Lights and it won't start until 8:00pm so we decided on taking our time to get there. We didn't expect that we will get lost and will take almost an hour to get there. The estimated walk from East Tsim Sha Tsui Station is only 16 minutes! Anyway, the good thing about it was there are many shops along the way and we able to window shop in a couple of shops. We also happen to passed by the 1881 Heritage also and since it's almost Christmas, there are displays outside. Tired and hungry, we keep on going. I told to myself "It better be worth it!"

8:08pm: Symphony of Lights & the Clock Tower
Finally, after almost 3 hours of walking from the Cathedral and we found the Victoria Harbour, where the show takes place. It's dark already so I can only enjoy the lights from the building and their reflections on the water. A lot of people were there already and we had to find a seat where we can have a better view of the show.

The funny, thing was, I was waiting for the show to begin, without knowing that it has started already. I was expecting a more spectacular show of lights and was disappointed when I finally saw it. Based on the reviews and what my boss said, I thought this show is really something. And besides, this is the world's largest permanent light and sound show according to Guinness World Records. My friend, who traveled a lot to Hong Kong, didn't like it too. And it was her first also to see it. Maybe I'm just tired and hungry, that's why I didn't enjoy it, but if I have a chance to go back to Hong Kong, I will not waste my time there. It's better spent with more enjoyable and amazing places in Hong Kong. I would not recommend it neither.

For more details and how to get there, please visit: Symphony of Lights & the Clock Tower 

8:45pm: Travel to Silka Seaview Hotel
We only stayed for a couple of minutes and left. We're hungry and it's really not worth staying. We walked again to the nearest building shop and had dinner at MacDonald's. My friend and I were not talking because we're so tired that just one wrong mistake and we'll explode. We took time eating our dinner so we can also rest for a while. I'm really grateful that the trains in Hong Kong is not like what we have here in Manila. We didn't wait long until the next train arrives and it's not even crowded.

9:13pm: Check-in at Silka Seaview Hotel
When we arrived at the hotel, I was thankful, because we didn't wait long until we're checked-in. The luggage we left for storage is still intact, so that's another reason to be thankful for. The hotel is nice, the room is just right for 2 people and is clean. What I like about this hotel is the free MTR 1 day and their service, except for the breakfast area is okay. Value for the money and near convenient stores. What I love about the hotel is, it's the near this Chocolate shop, called 360°, that sells cheap branded chocolates. I guess because Hong Kong is tax free, they can sell chocolate at a lower price. Make sure you check this store if you want to bring chocolates as a give away.

To know more about this hotel, please visit: Silka Seaview Hotel 

10:02pm: Jade Night Market
Silka Seaview Hotel is near the Jade Night Market and even though we're already tired, we still checked the market. I'm not actually expecting cheap items because of the currency exchange, but I had to buy something for my friends. We've been walking around but I still can't find anything that is unique and cute. On our way back to the hotel, we crossed to the other side of the road and glad we did because I saw the cutest pigs couple kissing.

To see more photos of what are the items they offered in the market, please visit: Jade Night Market

11:00pm: Bedtime
After an hour of walking and checking the displays in the night market, we went back to hotel, tired and sleepy. We still have a busy day the following day, so we just refresh and went to bed.

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