Leyte Park Resort

We’re told that if we want to go for a night out, we must try the Leyte Park and the floating restaurant.  Assuming that at 10:00 in the evening is the best time to party out, we went there expecting a lot of people.  I guess 10:00 is late for oldies like us!
When we get there, the bars are just starting to open, can’t believe it! I thought since it’s not Manila, people will be partying earlier. But of course, we’re already here so we just walk and check out some of the bars.  We’ve seen the “BarKo”, and the floating restaurant, “Pier Tres” for a while then had a coffee.
How to Get to Leyte Park:
Just take a tricycle that passes by the Hotel Alejandro and ask the driver to bring you there. They can only drop you off at the entrance.  There lots of bar & restaurants there, but if you want to go to Pier Tres, then you have to walk for less than 15 minutes.

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