Hotel Alejandro, Tacloban City

There are lots of hotels in Tacloban, but since I already stayed at Hotel Alejandro I booked here the second time around.  Not only because they offer great food for breakfast, but their service is great too!
Hotel Alejandro is an old hotel with a lot of memorabilia from the World War II.  It's quite impressive on how they maintained all of these old items. When we arrived at the hotel I felt very welcome, specially when we entered their lobby.  The first thing I've seen when we entered is the stairs connecting to the second floor. I actually climbed the stairs but not until the 2nd floor though because it's closed.
This 5-story hotel has more than 50 rooms available. On the 5th level is the roof deck where the swimming pool is located. That's where most of the parties are mostly held.  It's big enough to accommodate 200 people.
The first time we stayed there, the swimming pool is under construction and since we are too busy, I haven't got a chance to check it.  They also have an event hall for wedding receptions and conferences.  It's where my friends had their wedding reception.
There's a lot of framed clippings, photos and old items displayed at the entrance of the hotel. Like what other old houses and hotels I've been, I have this eerie feeling that somebody is watching me. It also has this old smell, probably because of the wood and displays. This hotel has a vivid reminder of the World War II and a proof of a promise kept.
Contact Person: Nelly/Gail
Phone#: (053)321-7033/(053)321-7509/(053)321-7510
Cell#: 0916-546-9274
Address:  P. Paterno Street, Tacloban City

How to get to Hotel Alejandro from the Airport:
Hotel Alejandro is along the way and you can always tell the driver to drop you off there.  Getting there from from the airport is easy. You can either take jeepney at the terminal just outside the airport, for Php50.00 or wait for a jeepney that passes by in front of the airport, fare is Php22.00. Tell the driver to drop you off in front or near the hotel.
(Pictures were taken before the typhoon Haiyan)

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