Globy Traveling Chef Restaurant, Boracay Island

Vietnamese Spring Roll - Php190.00
This restaurant is located along the path of the White Beach and it really looks simple from outside. Nothing spectacular and I'm sure the very last choice on the list of almost everyone. But don't be deceived.

Every time we pass by this restaurant, I have this feeling of curiosity about it. I want to know the food and the service. I can't ask my friends, thought, to eat here because they prefer to eat at a well-known restaurant just to be safe. 
Bulalo - Php290.00
But I was glad when they agreed on eating here on our last day. The restaurant is very small, it only has I think at least 18 tables. Too small that you can hear what every one's talking about. Giving the restaurant this cozy ambiance, specially for a couple.
Lechon Kawali - Php190.00
The staff are very friendly and accommodating. They also very knowledgeable on their menu.  The restaurant offers a wide range of international food.
Fried Tilapia - Php170.00
It's our last day and it's going to be a long trip, so we ordered enough for us to make it until we reach Kalibo. Their serving of food is bigger than we expected so we ended up eating too much. 
Be warned because their one order of rice is too much, well for us at least. Just to make sure, ask for a half order first, then just add more when you think it's not enough. One order of rice costs Php25.00.

I like this restaurant and I will make sure to try more of their food when I get back to Boracay Island.

Address: White Beach Path, Boracay Island
Phone#: +63(939)324-2789
Business Hours: 7:00am to 11:00pm

When you want quick service yet satisfying and affordable food, check out Globy.


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