Jawili Beach

Since our flight going back to Manila is through the Kalibo Airport, we decided on spending a night at Kalibo and explore the hidden jewels of the town.  I've been to Boracay already so I'm not too keen to see it.
Kalibo on the other hand is giving me too much excitement that I made sure we visit all of the attractions here.  One of the attractions in our itinerary is the Jawili Beach located in town of Tangalan, Aklan, Philippines.
Coconut trees along the shore of Jawili Beach
Jawili Beach is said to be the first Boracay in Aklan. It's not as beautiful as Boracay's but it's long stretch of creamy white to gray sand has it's own appeal. It's so serene and quiet, perfect for relaxing.
Road going to the diving area where you can see the perfect view of the beach
If you want to spend a night here, there are resorts and beach house along the shore that caters to all visitors. Although, if you don't have much time a day tour is just right. You can visit other attractions and go back in time for your flight.
Rocks along the road
I haven't seen anyone swimming when we visited, but when we're about to leave, a jeepney full of people arrives.  Probably a family to have a picnic in the beach.  
We dropped by here after visiting the Jawili Falls and the other attractions in town.  Tangalan is more or less 1 and a half hour travel from Kalibo.  Unlike Boracay, there's no traffic in here, just a typical road in the province.

How to Get There:
Ask any tricycle driver in Kalibo and negotiate for a day tour. Most of the drivers knows what to see and they sometimes tell you what else to see. 

When we went to Sampaguita Gardens, I asked the tricycle driver if he knows somebody we can hire and he offered his service. I negotiate with him and got a day tour package for Php800.00, entrance fees not included.

To see the perfect view of the beach, ask the driver to bring to the highest road going to the diving area and coral reef. I know most of you will still prefer the white sand of Boracay Island, but if ever you want to see a different view, visit Jawili Beach.

Location: Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan, Philippines


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