Ramboy's Restaurant, Kalibo

In every province I've been to, I made it a point to eat in at least one of their local restaurants and try their local food. Food is the best reward you can give yourself after a long and tiring day.

After we visited Sampaguita Gardens Resort, we headed to one of the well-known restaurants in Kalibo. Ramboy's Restaurant is very popular among locals and tourists for its best tasting liempo (pork belly). We ate at the one located near Kalibo Hotel.
Ramboy is just your regular restaurant, with a homey atmosphere. Although small, it's clean. They have a big serving for a very affordable price. We thought we're hungry and since it's not expensive we ordered more than we can eat. I love their fried fish lumpia and I wish I can eat more but I can only eat so much. 
Fish Lumpia
Fried Rice
Since the restaurant is popular among locals and tourists, expect a lot of people. The place is clean even though it's small. There are other branches though around Cebu and I saw one that's bigger than this one.
Dinner @Ramboy's
Liempo - Php290.00

Fried Rice - Php80.00

2 Four Seasons - Php60.00

Lumpiang Shanghai - Php140.00

Pineapple Juice - Php35.00

Most serving of their food is good for 2-4 persons. Don't be like us, we ordered a lot that we didn't finish them all. But it didn't go to waste, though, because we gave it to the tricycle driver. We spent a total of Php605.00 for the dinner for 3 people already. 

For best tasting Liempo (Pork Belly) Ramboy's the perfect place. When you have the chance to stay in Kalibo after visiting the Boracay Island, make sure to dine here to complete your stay in Kalibo.


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