Boracay-Kalibo Trip Sample Expenses

Below is the sample expenses of our Boracay-Kalibo trip last July 3 - 6, 2014.
Tricycle Fare from Airport to Seaport
PHP 160.00
Boat Fare from Caticlan to Boracay
PHP 75.00
Environmental & Admission Fee
PHP 225.00
Tricycle Fare from Seaport to Hotel
PHP 100.00
Breakfast @Big Smoke
PHP 355.00
Beef Salpicao - Php150.00

Tapa - Php140.00

Fried Egg - Php15.00

Gralic Rice - Php25.00

Tuyo - Php25.00

Tricycle Fare from Bulabog to Hotel
PHP 60.00
Parasailing & Helmet Diving
PHP 2,200.00
Lunch @Backyard BBQ
PHP 1,075.00
Merienda/Dinner @Bite Club
PHP 588.00
Burger with Garlic & Cream - Php185

Burger with Blue Cheese & Cream - Php185

Potato Wedges - Php75.00

Bottled Water - Php40.00

French Fries - Php75.00

Service Charge - Php28.00

Island Hopping
PHP 1,500.00
Island Hopping Tip to Bangkero
PHP 100.00
Php50.00 per Bangkero

Snorkeling Fee
PHP 60.00
Tricycle Fare from Balabog to Hotel
PHP 60.00
Lunch @Gerry's Grill
PHP 1,280.00
Crispy Pata - Php485.00

Sinigang na Hipon - Php265.00

Seafood Rice - Php205.00

Chop Suey - Php195.00

Four Season - Php110.00

Tip - Php20.00

ATV/Sky Cycle/Trick Art Museum
PHP 1,500.00
Entrance Fee @Ocean Tower
PHP 150.00
Copy of Pictures
PHP 350.00
Tip to ATV Guide
PHP 50.00
Fruitshakes @Jonah's Fruitshakes
PHP 330.00
BBQ @Jonah's Fruitshakes
PHP 80.00
Tricycle from Station 1 to Hotel
PHP 100.00
Dinner @ Shakey's
PHP 838.75
Appetizer Sampler - Php530.00

 2 Lemon Cucumber Cooler - Php160.00

Blue Lemon Slush - Php80.00

Breakfast/Lunch @Globy
PHP 895.00
Lechon Kawali - Php190.00

Bulalo - Php290.00

3 Rice - Php25.00

Tilapia - Php170.00

Vietnamese Spring Rolls - Php170.00

PHP 250.00
Pedicab Fare
PHP 40.00
Tricycle Fare from Station 2 to Seaport
PHP 100.00
Boat Fare from Boracay to Caticlan
PHP 600.00
Including Van Transfer from Caticlan to Kalibo

Terminal Fee
PHP 90.00
Accommodation @Kalibo Hotel
PHP 1,736.00
Tricycle Fare from Kalibo Hotel to Terminal
PHP 30.00
Entrance Fee @Sampaguita Gardens
PHP 150.00
Tricycle Fare from Terminal to Sampaguita Gardens
PHP 60.00
Tricycle Fare from Sampaguita Gardens to Ramboy's
PHP 120.00
Dinner @Ramboy's
PHP 605.00
Liempo - Php290.00

Fried Rice - Php80.00

2 Four Seasons - Php60.00

Lumpiang Shanghai - Php140.00

Pineapple Juice - Php35.00

Breakfast @McDonald's
PHP 300.00
Entrance Fee @Eco-Park & Manrgoves
PHP 130.00
Bottled Water (4pcs)
PHP 80.00
Pedicab Fare (Kalibo Tour)
PHP 800.00
Lunch @La Nena's Ihaw Ihaw
PHP 356.00
4-Hour Extension @Kalibo Hotel
PHP 400.00
Airport Terminal Fee
PHP 450.00
PHP 18,428.75
PHP 6,142.92


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