Ocean Tower View Point

Do you want to see Boracay in 360 degrees panoramic view? You can now, by visiting the Ocean Tower View Point located in Brgy. Bulabog, Boracay.
The ATV ride always ends here and it takes 30 minutes with the required speed from Happy DreamLand where the ATV ride starts. There are two towers but we were guide to the newest one.
Before you enter, you have to pay the entrance fee of Php75.00 since it's not included in the ATV package.  We were told at the main office located in the Happy Dreamland that the fee is only Php50.00 so that's what we paid.
The ocean tower is located at the highest point in Boracay and climbing the stairs takes a couple of minutes.  At the base and before you climb the concrete stairs, you will be greeted by statue of a penguin.
What surprises me when we reached the top is the status of Doraemon (one of the popular Japanese anime) and one of my favorite characters.  I can't helped myself, I had to take a photo with him.
At the top, we were greeted by the wonderful views of Boracay Island from different angle. The heat of the sun is nothing when you are enjoying what you see.
This place is popular for locals and tourists so be patient and wait your turn to take your wonderful photos. You might be surprised if someone ask you to pose and he will take pictures of you, don't be because that's part of their business. 

They will put their logo in the picture and sell it for Php250.00 per piece. Don't worry, you have the option to decline. We got just one copy and decided on scanning it and print so we'll have a copy each.

Their office is located just below the tower and if you want refreshments, they have too. Be aware that their refreshments are expensive compare.

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