If you love adventure up in the air, this activity is the perfect one for you. You can experience being whisked into the sky while strapped in a seat covered by a colorful parachute.

It's one of the popular activities in Boracay, where riders, if done in the White Beach, can view the beautiful shoreline from above while being pulled by a boat.  When we tried this, it was in Bolabog Beach so we can only see the blue water from above and the nearest island.
I know I have a fear of heights but I still want to try this because it seems enjoyable.  I didn't feel any fear while we are being whisked up in the air. But my feet started getting cold when I see the boat that's pulling us is starting to become smaller.
The operator said we can just signal by rotating our arm if we want to be pulled down. I did it just after a few minutes after we were settled up in the air, but he didn't pull us down, maybe because the 15 minutes is not up yet.
I know it's safe because they use the steel rope to tie the seat to the boat but I still can't stop thinking what if it's suddenly got cut, and the parachute takes us away. We got the 3-seater so I wonder what it would be like if there's only 1-seater. But of course, it's just me because I have this fear, but for those who love heights this is a fun and exciting experience.
The activity is 15 minutes long and the regular price is Php2, 200 per person for Solo or 2 persons and Php1, 900 per person for 3 or more. A lot of companies and individual are offering this activity. But if you want to get a cheaper deal, you must bargain with them. Don't just grab the deal the first person gives you, look for others and ask for discounts. 
We were able to get this in a package along with Helmet Dive & ATV for only Php2,200.

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