How to Get to Kalibo from Boracay

I posted guides on how to get to Boracay Island from Kalibo, but some of you might want to know how to go back.  Here's how:

If your hotel is located at the White Beach, you will need to walk up to the nearest street where the pedicabs are parked. There's a designated terminal for tricycles to bring you to the port, so you have to take the pedicab. The last time we were there, the pedicabs are parked near MacDonald's. Fare per person is Php20.00 and only takes less than 5 minutes.

At the terminal, ask the tricycle driver to bring you to the port going to Caticlan.  When we visited, we were taken to Tambisaan Port since it's monsoon season. Fare is Php100.00 per ride and takes 15 minutes up to the port.
Shore at Tabon Port
At the port, you have the option to get a boat & van package. We opt to get this for convenience. It costs Php200.00 per person including banca ticket and van fare up to Kalibo.
Tabon Port terminal
Before boarding, make sure to check your ticket to make sure you are taking the correct banca. Sailing from Tambisaan port to Tabon Port in Caticlan takes more or less 15 minutes.
Carenderia (Eatery) just beside Tabon Port Terminal
At the Tabon port, there are vans that goes to other parts of Aklan and Iloilo. Walk pass through that to get to the van terminal going to Kalibo. Since you have a ticket already, just ask around to know where you should go.
Van terminal  at Tabon Port
You have to be very patient because the van will not leave until all seats are taken. We've waited for almost 30 minutes before it leaves.
Road going to Kalibo from Caticlan
The van's route is up to Kalibo Airport, but since we are going to stay the night in Kalibo, we asked the driver to drop us off at the Kalibo Hotel. You can always ask the driver to drop you off anywhere in Kalibo, as long as it's along the way.
View along the road going to Kalibo from Caticlan
You will not be bored traveling because of the refreshing and green scenery along the way. But if you'd rather take a nap, you have 2 hours to do so.

Like I always tell my friends when traveling, ask the locals if you need help.


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