Island Hopping

Crystal-clear water at Carabao Island
It's true what they say that your Boracay adventure experience will not be complete without this activity! Island Hopping is one of the first and old activities they offered in Boracay. Known for its "White Beach" and other  beautiful and unspoiled beaches. You can't settle yourself with just the "White Beach, you must try the island hopping to complete your vacation in Boracay.

Crystal Cove
If you have a limited budget but still want to do the island hopping, you can get the cheapest rate with only 1 island/beach to visit. The rate we got was Php1, 500 for a group of 3 and that's for a maximum of 3 hours already, including the snorkeling.
White sand at Crystal Cove
When we first visit Boracay, we were taken to the Carabao Island for an Island Hopping. But this time, we were brought to the Ilig-Iligan Beach.  I asked the boatman why they can't take us to the Caraboao Island again, and he said it's too far and the waves are rough because of northeast monsoon.
Rock formations you'll see on the way to the island hopping
Before you are taken to the island or beach, you'll do the snorkeling first. From White Beach, we headed to do the snorkeling, but the boatmen gave is a glimpse of the Crystal Cove first. I asked him if we can stop for a while to take pictures, but he said it's not allowed.  I'm not sure if what he meant is, because it's not included in the package. I just satisfied myself from taking pictures from afar.
View of Boracay from Ilig-Iligan Beach
Ilig-Iligan beach is not very popular like the White Beach, but if you want more privacy and a moment to be alone, this is perfect. I enjoyed swimming here more than the White Beach because the water is calm and it's peaceful. It is white sand too, so you will not be disappointed.
White sand at Ilig-Iligan Beach
I enjoyed swimming that I didn't check if there's a restaurant here. But just to make sure, bring snack when you do the island hopping.  It's best to be prepared than starve.
Accessories sold by locals at Ilig-Iligan Beach
If you have extra money you can buy accessories in this beach because the locals sell them at a very affordable price.  I was not just really paying attention to what they are explaining about the accessories because my mind is on the beach.
White sand and crystal clear water at Carabao Island
Below are the regular rates for the Island Hopping.
Phpp3,000.00 - 3 hours Island Hopping for 1-6 persons
Php6,000.00 - 3 hours Island Hopping for 7-10 persons
Php1,600.00 - 4 hours Island Hopping for 1 person (min. of 3 persons). This includes lunch.

Again, don't just grab whatever they offer you, haggle!


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