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Aside from Lechon, Cebu is also home to the best guitar craftsmen in the Philippines. Not only it's delicately crafted, but has great quality and very affordable. There are a lot of guitar makers in Cebu, but Alegre Guitars is the most popular. 

Alegre's workshop where you can see how the guitar is made
Their price is kind of expensive for me, but for foreigner it's cheap, specially with that great good quality. Almost most of their guitars are exported so they really have to maintain the good quality of their guitars.  Their guitars are all meticulously hand-made.
If  I remember correctly the cheapest guitar you can buy is Php800.00 (small) and the expensive one is worth Php50,000.00, a guitar made of Rosewood. You can find guitars here in all sizes.
I'm not really into a guitar (though I want to learn how to play it) so I don't know which one is better.  But I'm really amazed on different styles and sizes of the guitars. One of the staff is very kind and show us around the store.
One of the expensive guitars made of Rosewood
He explained how and what these guitars are made of, but the only thing that retains in my mind, is the guitar made of Rosewood, because it's expensive(lol)! They also have small and colorful guitars that you can buy as souvenir.
Alegre's maracas
Souvenir shop in front of the Alegre's shop
Aside from guitars they also sell maracas and other stringed instruments.  Just in front of the guitar shop is a souvenir shop that sells a lot of items. From miniature guitar key chains and ref magnets to bags made of native material. Compared to buying these items in malls or in the city, here they are cheaper.
If you are a guitar lover and have a chance to visit Cebu, make sure to check the guitar factory and shops in Barangay Abuno. I'm pretty sure, you'll be tempted to buy more than one. It quite expensive from other guitar shops there, but if you're after the quality, buy from Alegre.
We were lucky to meet one of the Alegres (Granddaughter of the owner) :)
Alegre Guitars
Address: Brgy. Abuno, Pajac, Cebu
Phone#: +63(32)505-0706
Email Address:


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  2. Guitar making, even in this time of PCs and computerization, is still viewed as a fine art. Specialists and luthiers alike realize that awesome guitars dependably discover their begin in the wood that developers choose to utilize.

    1. Hi Samuel, I don't know much about guitars, but I believed you are right. The quality and of course the price of the guitar depends on the wood they are using. There's this one guitar in there made in rosewood and it's really expensive.It really depends on the wood they are using

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