Tarsier: The Second Smallest Primate in the World

Tarsier, the second-smallest primate in the world, is indigenous to the island.  Philippine tarsier, also called Mamag or Mawmag only measure about 8- to 160 millimeters, only about a size of a human fist. A very shy nocturnal mammal that leads a mostly hidden life.
They don’t do well when captivated because they commit suicide when they are stressed out. I never knew they do that but I was told not to touch them when I had a chance to see one. Camera's flash must be turned off when taking pictures of the tarsier.
Located just beside the Sagbayan Peak's entrance is a huge cage with tarsiers. It's open for viewing from 9:00am, no entrance fee but there's a donation box near the entrance. We originally planned on going to the Tarsiers Sanctuary but our tour guide said this is the best place to get close to them.
We were able to had pictures with the tarsier because our tour guide knows the care taker.  Though we are not moving an inch, well actually, I was literally holding my breath while they are taking my picture.  I don't want to be the cause of the tarsier's suicide.  Only the care taker was the one touching it when he puts him on my hand and my head. When we came back in 2016, the local government is very strict on dealing with the tarsier. You can only take photos, without flash, of these very sensitive animal.

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