National Museum Bohol Branch

Bohol Museum is one of the places you must see when you visit Bohol.  It's the former President Carlos P. Garcia's home, located in the heart of Tagbilaran City.
This is our last and final stop from Tubigon going to Panglao Island.  When we arrived at the museum it's already closed but the guard is very kind and open it for us.  Well, he's on his break when we arrived but was told by one locals to to come back after 30 minutes.  We did and rewarded by his kindness.
The museum is also old, but I think it serves its purpose, aren't museums need to be old? The first thing I saw when we entered was the human skeleton and skulls in an encased glass.  I don't know but I didn't feel any creepy or anything at all.
Old jars & plates discovered in Bohol
Dried and Preserved Tarsier in an encased glass
Map of Bohol made in wood
Unlike other museums I've been to that shows more of the things used by prominent people or their extravagant life, this one showcases more of the history, art materials, botanical, zoological and archaeological artifacts of Bohol.
old jars discovered in Bohol
Although there's still some belongings for the late President, it's just minimal.  This is the only museum that opens and  kind of honor tourists who has taken interest in their history.  Our tour is short but for me it's all worth it.
Framed images of discovered artifacts
If ever you visit Bohol and arrived there late in the afternoon, you can ask the kind guard to give you a short tour.


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