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Last Updated: November 9, 2017
It's been raining the whole time we stayed in Bohol so when we arrived at the farm, it has this very relaxing, fresh and cozy atmosphere.  Growing up in the province, it's very nostalgic for me.
Bohol Bee Farm is known for their organic produce and of course, organic food. They offer delicious meals from their own organically produced vegetables, from squash muffins, cassava chips, vegetable lasagna to flowers salad.
The farm is just a regular looking farm, but what I love the about the place is their restaurant.  It's looking over the ocean!  I wanted to eat at the verandah so I can look over the ocean while eating, but it started to rain again so we just stayed inside the restaurant.
We scheduled our visit to the farm during lunchtime so we can try their specialties.  My friend told me to try the flowers salad, it looks pretty but at the back of my mind I feel weird, because I have this notion that we don't eat flowers.  It tastes weird at first, but since the dressing is so good, I  eventually liked it.  The bread, and cassava chips are to die for.
The farm has an organic store where you can find the most delicious mango and pesto jam.  Organic honey is also available and other local treats. You can only buy these items here, so make sure to buy lots and take them home. I was not able to take pictures of the store because I got too busy and excited selecting. Oh and they have taste test for the jams so it will be easy for you to decide what you will like.
For nature lover and just want to have a relaxing vacation, you can stay at this nature-inspired resort. You can have peace and the entire farm all to yourselves.  I'm not just sure of there's a beach nearby because from what I can see, the farm is situated so high from the ocean.
I want to explore the bee farm, but since the majority of the group is tired and rather explores the store, I was not able to do so. Beside the store, there's an ice cream store that offers unique flavors of ice cream.  Make sure to have one, and try the durian ice cream, it's really good.
Camote (Sweet Potato) Bread with the option of Mango or Pesto spread
Cassava chips with dip
Flowers salad
Going back to the parking area, we took a different path and we were able to see the indoor swimming pool and the art gallery. It's really worth coming here even though it's out of the way. Bohol Bee Farm is all about natural, organic, hospitable and refreshing environment. If you want to to be refreshed this is the perfect place to BEE!
Vegetable lasagna
Spare ribs kare-kare with salad
When we went back there in 2016, I was able to go down their beach and took some pictures. It's not perfect for swimming so you will still need to travel to Alona Beach for that white sand and clear water.
Lounge beside the retaurant
We were able to join the Bee Farm tour also and it was fun. The tour guide is very knowledgeable and funny.He showed us the different native products they make.
Their Value Statement:
Everything we do at Bohol Bee Farm is geared towards encouraging and inspiring our farmers to practice Organic farming. They don’t need to spend for costly conventional fertilizers, nor use harmful pesticides in their farms. Basic composting and companion planting are alternatives we offer in their stead.

We also introduce and teach them different livelihood activities they can pursue in tandem with farming, and assist them in marketing their products to make such activities sustainable. We highly value the principle of giving back to our communities, and to society, in general, the benefits we derived from it. After all, our one true gift to ourselves, and ultimately to others, lies not in what we have accumulated for our own, but how much of it we shared with them.

Furthermore, we ardently support an agricultural development that leads to healthier soils and diverse agricultural ecosystems, conditions that help promote a better environment. One that we hope would be populated by a happier and healthier people.

- The Bohol Bee Farm Family -

Please visit their website for more details:



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