Loboc River

Loboc River has become one of the favorite tourist attractions in Bohol because of the many activities you can do there. One of those is the river cruising in a floating restaurant.
Photos taken in 2013 - before the earthquake
It's always included in all tour packages offered when you visit the province. The best way to end your morning after visiting the many tourist attractions around or near Loboc.
Photos taken in 2016 - after the earthquake
Loboc Bridge, officially known as the Alfonso L. Uy Promenade connects the main road to the other side of town where the station for the cruise is located. It was closed for as s short period after the earthquake. It was already opened though when we visited last July 2016.
Photos taken in 2013 - before the earthquake
Construction of this bridge was very controversial, it was dubbed as the "Bridge to nowhere". Construction was put on hold because it might destroy the historical Loboc Church. It's construction, however, did not destroy the church.
Photos taken in 2016 - after the earthquake
When we first visited Loboc River in 2013, there's a free shuttle stationed at the Loboc Bridge to bring you to the other side. So even though we have a car service, we still climbed the stairs and fall in line for the shuttle. In 2016, our service went straight to the station, not sure if the shuttle is no longer in service. And even when I went to the bridge, I can't see any shuttle or people waiting.
Photos taken in 2013 - before the earthquake
Photos taken in 2016 - after the earthquake
Compare to my last visit, the cruising station have improved. I'm not sure if it's because of the earthquake, or it's been like that after my 2013 trip. Anyway, the parking area has gone bigger and there are now souvenir shops around.
Photos taken in 2016 - after the earthquake
The waiting area and the ticketing booth was renovated also. It looks more nicer and a lot cleaner from before.
Photos taken in 2013 - before the earthquake
Photos taken in 2016 - after the earthquake
The cruise starts from the town of Loboc and upstream to Busay Falls, with a few stops to watch local performances per barangay. You can enjoy the cruise with good food and beautiful music performed by a local band. The river is also very clean and peaceful.
Photos taken in 2013 - before the earthquake
Photos taken in 2016 - after the earthquake
Falling in line to get the ticket is often longer, but if you go there during low peak season or as early as it opens, you won't have to wait. You might think that there's only one floating restaurant operator in Loboc Rive Cruising, but it's not. When you get tour ticket, check the name in there for the floating restaurant or ask the the assistant which one is yours. Sometimes it takes a while before  before you are guided to sail. Always ask assistance if you are not sure.
Photos taken in 2013 - before the earthquake
Photos taken in 2016 - after the earthquake
There are tarpaulins and banners with the list of their food, but don't be deceived because the food that are displays there are not exactly the same as what will be served. My friend was actually looking forward to eat crispy pata since it's in the banner, but when the food is served, it's not included. 
River cruising & lunch is Php350.00 per person and additional Php100.00 for maintenance, safety and security charges. No boat yet when we arrived at the dock so we waited for awhile.
The food at the floating restaurant we choose is not spectacular, but like they said, no bad food when you are hungry.  For my portion, Php350.00 is quite expensive, but I didn't pay only for the food anyway.  The joyful company, good music and fresh air are included in the price. 
Unlike most of the rivers in the city, Loboc river is clean.  I didn't see garbage floating. And it's kind of cool since it just stopped raining when we started sailing. You will also enjoy the music played by the band.  All of the floating restaurants have band and it's actually very enjoyable.
There's just one stop during the sail and that's to watch a show on the raft performed by the locals.  They sing and dance wearing the traditional Filipino costume. You can take pictures with them and an option to donate. You can even dance with them, like what my sister has done when we went there. Each raft has different barangays performing.
Drop off area is at the other side of the river, so you don't have to cross the bridge again to get to the road or the parking area. People always come here during lunch, but you can also go there at night.  Below are the rates for the Loboc River Cruise.
River Day Cruise 
Buffet Lunch & Cruise: Php350.00/person

Maintenance, Safety & Security Charges: Php100.00/person

*20% discount for senior citizen. children up to 3yrs old is free. 50% discount for children from 4 to 8 yrs old. children from 9 to 11 yrs old is Php250.00.

River Night Cruise

Buffet Dinner: Php300.00, 6:30pm daily

Cruise: Php350.00, 7:30pm daily

Band Concert (Loboc Youth Ambassador): Php200.00, 8:30pm, Friday & Saturday

They also offer packages, see below:
Package A: 
Php800.00/person, 6:30pm, Friday & Saturday

Buffet Dinner

Loboc River Night Cruise

Loboc Youth Ambassador Band Concert

Package B: 
Php500.00/person, 7:30pm, Friday & Saturday

Loboc River Night Cruise 

Package C:  
Php450.00/person, 6:30pm & 8:30pm, Friday & Saturday



If you like to rent a boat to explore the river instead of cruising, you can ask the local where to hire one.

For more information, please visit the town's website www.lobocboholtourism.com, or call their municipal tourism office at +63(38)537-9292.

On my second visit there with my family, I didn't go with them cruising, I explored Loboc town instead. The cruise usually takes 2 hours so I had ample time to explore the town. To know what you can do while waiting for the Loboc River Cruise to finish, please visit: What to Do While Killing Time in Loboc?


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