Mahogany Man-Made Forest

From the butterflies’ center going to Tagbilaran, you will pass by this man-made forest. The only thing I'm thankful that it's raining when we visit Bohol is this.  The rain really makes the forest so green, fresh and cool. 
This man-made forest is a 2km stretch of mahogany forest that's been a favorite stop for tourists to take pictures or to just enjoy the nature. You'll know when you are near the forest when the road and the surrounding start to get dark. 
A lot of places in the Philippines suffer from deforestation due to illegal logging & kaingin (burn farming system), and Bohol is one of them. In response to that, the local government started this reforestation system.
This system is really a good idea, however, others said it's not.  Mahogany are not a local variety of tree and they said it's harmful to the local ones.  But would you rather have mahogany trees or nothing at all?


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