Dumaluan Beach

There are a lot of beaches in Panglao Island but the most popular are the Alona Beach and the Dumaluan Beach.  Alona Beach is  the most developed and most beautiful beaches in Panglao. 

Dumaluan Beach, however, is the most exclusive one.  The Bohol Beach Club is located here just near the Dumaluan Beach Resort.
When I was planning our itinerary and looking for an accommodation, I didn't know that this one is far from Alona Beach.  I thought it's just a walking distance like the stations in Boracay.  If you want nightlife, make sure to stay in Alona beach.
Dumaluan Beach at night
Part of Bohol Beach Club
The sand here is also white, but since it's not fully developed, when it's low tide, a lot of seaweeds can be seen.  You will sometime confused them with garbage.  But that didn't stop us from enjoying the water. 
I like this beach because it's not crowded.  You can go to any part of the beach and have it all to yourself.


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