ShipHaus Simulation Hotel & Museum: A Boy's Dream Come True

Last Updated: August 20, 2016
This house caught our attention on our way to Tagbilaran from Carmen.  This was originally planned as a residential house, but since it attracts a lot of tourists for its unique design even during the construction, it was converted into a simulation hotel. Built and owned through the determination of Master Marine Capt. Gaudencio Dumapias.

As a young boy he told himself that he will become "somebody" and build a house that will make a difference. His success did not come very easy; after battling for many troubles and awful things in life, he finally finished his study and reach the top most position of his profession at the age of 34. 
Ship's Bar
Ship's Steering Wheel
He spent most of his time in the sea and come to realization about his dream house. So in the year 2006, he decided to built his house in the shape of a ship. People who were fascinated by it fondly call it "Bay Barko", which mean Ship House. As if the shape if the house is not distinctive enough, he used the word Haus to make it more distinctive.

Captain's Cabin
After 6 years of construction, his dream house is not complete. And since it attracts more and more people, and with the suggestion of the the local politician, it was converted into a simulation hotel and museum. His family is living in Manila now, but they still stay at the Ship Haus when they are in Bohol. 
The first time I visited Bohol and saw this house, I never had a chance to get inside because we didn't have enough time. So when I went back with my family last July of the current year I made sure that we go inside. The staff are very friendly and accommodating. To tour the house you have to pay the entrance fee of Php30.00 per person and they'll give you the boarding ticket, with a smile.
A seaman's uniform will be provided before the start of the tour. You have the option to say no, if you don't feel like it but I recommend that you do as it adds to the uniqueness of the place. At the ground are the steering wheel, ship's bar, mess hall, galley, chief cook's cabin-comfort room, and a special place for local TV program, Rated K, which featured the house. On the second floor is also the captain's cabin that can be booked for Php2, 000 and good for 2 people with breakfast.
Chief Mate's Cabin
3rd Mate's Cabin
Chief Engineer's Cabin
On the second floor are the captain's article and collections, gangway, simulator, front deck (with international code flags) & mooring line. Cabins are also located there that can be booked for as long as Php1,000 good for 2 people with breakfast.
2nd Engineer's Cabin
On the 3rd floor is a sundeck that can be booked for special occasions. You can also find the lifebuoy and a lot of seaman's displays that you can use to express yourself. On the 4th floor is a view deck. 
I really enjoyed touring this house, it really brings out the kid in you. You can be playful all you want and no one will judge you. I really recommend that you tour this house and not just look from the outside. And don't forget to buy some souvenirs to give to your friends or for you to keep.

The Ship Haus is located in Poblacion Norte, Batuan, Bohol near the St. James the Apostle Church. It's situated along the highway and can't be missed when you are traveling to or from Tagbilaran City to see the chocolate hills.
Business Hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm (Monday to Sunday)
Phone#: +63(038)533-9214
Mobile#: +63(907)468-9900 | +63(905)688-7469


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