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Last Updated: August 9, 2016
If you are coming from Cebu via Tubigon Port, Bohol  and want to start your adventure right away, the best place to go is the Sagbayan Peak. Sagbayan is one of the 3 among 1,776 chocolate hills that was developed into a resort for tourism purposes.  This government owned mountain resort is the best place to have a sneak peek of the famous chocolate hills. Its name came from word "Sagbayan" which mean "the practice of hanging a deer to dry after the hunting expedition". It also means a "place for hanging" from the word sagbay which mean "to hang". It can also be "a place to hang with friends and family".
Photos taken in 2013 - before the earthquake
I've been to Bohol twice already and I still prefer sailing from Cebu to Tubigon Port. Not only because it's the fastest way, but also the most convenient way to start the tour. During my first tour I was with my friends and decided on sailing as early as 6:15am to make sure we visit all of the tourist spots in our 2-Day stay in the province. We're a big group so hired a car & a driver to pick-us up at the port and then go straight to Sagbayan Peak.
Photos taken in 2016 - after the earthquake
Our tour guide told us that we can only get close to a Tarsier at Sagbayan Peak so we decided on droping by even though it's not part of our plan.  And it's the best decision we made so far, because were able to see the tarsier up-close and personal. We were told, however, not to touch them because they are very sensitive. So when they put the tarsier on my shoulder I'm scared of moving and I think I even held my breath. On my second trip with my family, we were told that it's now restricted to have contact with the Tarsier. We can only have take pictures without flash of the Tarsier.
The big cage for the Tarsiers is located just beside the ticketing booth of the Sagbayan Peak. The first time I went there in 2014 there's only one way to enter and & exit the cage. But when we went there just recently the entrance is now located inside the Sagbayan Peak and exit on the other side of the cage. You have to pay the entrance fee first and have the option to visit the cage before or after going to the peak. There's no entrance fee viewing the tarsier but there's a tip box if you want to give for the maintenance and taking care of the tarsiers.
I enjoyed my visit the second time because we were taking our time and I was able to explore the mountain resort more. Same attractions are still there but they added new ones like Zip Line and Kidstown that the kids and kids at heart will enjoy. The T-Rex statue and Disney Characters will still greet you as soon as you reach the first plateau.

The Cafe Baudilio, souvenir and snack shops are located on the second plateau. There's also a Sagbayan display in front of the shops and they change the theme depending on the season.

They only have animal statues before but since the Kidstown was added to their attractions, there are other cartoon character statues added. My niece and my sister enjoyed playing with them. Pine trees are lined along the way to the Kidstown and the children's playground.

From the second plateau, you can go to viewing deck to look at the wonderful images of the chocolate hills. Not much, but if you want a sneak peek of what's coming, it's the perfect place to go. 
Walking to the viewing deck is long but you wouldn't mind because of the plants along way. When we went there it was raining so it's really fresh and cool. But it can be hot in the middle of the day so you might want to go there as early as you can.
The viewing deck offers a 360-degrees perspective of the chocolate hills and the blue sea that separate Bohol from Cebu.  Only the Kidstown was added after 2 years from the list of attractions they planned on adding to the mountain resort.


I've already visited the viewing deck the first time I visited so I explored the Butterfly Dome instead. Entrance fee to the Dome is Php10.00 and you can buy it the canteen (snack shop). 
Not much butterflies at the dome, which is sad. The caretaker said they died because of the heat, but they are still in the process of breeding them. Not much to see inside but if you have spare time while in Sagbayan, visit this dome.
The caretaker showed us how they breed the butterfly - from where they lay their eggs up to them turning into a beautiful butterfly. I just hope they hatch soon as the dome really needs more butterflies.
The new attractions: Zipline & Kidstown are perfect for traveling family with kids. It is different from other ziplines so I think it's safe for kids. The zipline is low and the ride is short. The kid just have to sit on a swing-like plank and you're good to go. I haven't tried this because I though I'm too big and heavy to ride 😂!
Kidstown is located at the right side of Second Plateau. It's not visible from afar because it's at the very end and covered by pine tress. It will not be missed, though, because there's a statue of Marilyn Monroe at the path leading to the Kidstown. 
The children's park is on the right side and the zipline station is on the left side. Many animal statues are displayed at the entrance of the Kidstown and more attractions can be seen and explored inside. I went there alone because my niece is busy choosing her "Tarsier Souvenir" at the souvenir. So I just took pictures and left.
If you get hungry and wanted to eat, you can buy at their snack shop or eat in their fine dining restaurant, the Cafe Baudilio. Make sure you sit at the table facing the beautiful view of the chocolate hills and enjoy the fresh air.Read more here about the Cafe Baudillo.

One of the popular attraction in Sagbayan Peak is this water park located just in front of the peak. If you want to explore dip in the swimming pool and explore Sagbayan peak, you will be needing more than an hour when you visit. The waterpark is really popular with locals so expect a large number of people taking a dip, especially on summer days. The next time I visit Sagabayan Peak, I'll make sure to check this out, you should too.

How to Get to Sagbayan Peak Resort & Recreation:
I would really suggest you hire a car with driver or if you know how to drive, rent a car. If you rather commute, I saw tricycles coming from the peak so I think you can hire one to take you there too. Boholanos are known to be friendly so don't worry being lost, just ask and they'll direct you to the right way.

Address: 6331 Sagbayan, Bohol, Philippines
Phone: +63(85)111-9167
Mobile: +63(921)323-0866
Business Hours: 9:00am t0 5:00pm
Sagbayan Peak Entrance Fee: Php50.00 (Adult & Children) / Php30.00 (Senior Citizen) 
Sagbayan Waterpark Entrance Fee: Php50.00 / Cottage Rental: Php50.00 with complimentary drink


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