Panglao Church (St. Augustine Church)

This is the 2nd oldest church in the island of Panglao and probably the least visited.  However, this church, same as the Dauis church also has unique feature, they both have murals on the ceiling. The constructed started in 1894 and completed in the 1920's.
Panglao Church has a murals of the Seven Sacraments on the ceiling. It also have twin antique confessionals carved with grapevine and dove patterns.  The most recognizible and maybe the reason why it's visited is its bell tower.
The church's bell tower also served as watch tower and said to be the tallest of its kind in the country.  However, it's just sad to see that this historical religious tower looks like decaying and needs restoration.

(Pictures were taken before the October 2013 earthquake)


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