Located just beside the Dumaluan Beach Resort is this grill which offer fresh seafood and meat that can be cooked the way you want them.  This is said to be the cheapest restaurant in all of Panglao, though I can't compare because we didn't try the others.  But based on the number of people that eat here, it's probably true.
DBR Grill's location
There are a lot of options from fresh seafood, vegetable to ready to cook meat.  Once you are done choosing all the seafood and meat, tell them how you want it to be cooked.  They said it only takes 30 minutes, but our food take a lot longer.
Their menu
SUTUKIL is the popular way of cooking fresh food here in DBR Grill. SUTUKIL stands for Sugba (Grilled), Tula (simmered with tasty broth) & Kilaw (cook fresh fish using just a strong vinegar.
Sinigang na Hipon
Fresh fruits
They also offer unlimited rice, so you can eat more if you want to.  For beverages, they have the options of fresh fruit shakes, soda or beer.  DBR Grill is located at the beach facing the ocean.  You will enjoy eating while listening to the sound of the waves or feel the cool fresh air.
What we eat while waiting for our food

We paid for a total of Php1,001.00 for a group of 5 people, so it's only Php200.20 per person. The staffs are not very accommodating, not sure if it's because they have a lot of customers. Nothing spectacular in their cooking, it doesn't even taste like a regular home cooking. Well, we all have different taste buds, not good to me might be delicious to you. DBR Grill is open daily from 6:00am to 11:00pm.