Larsian Barbecue

If you love barbecue, this is really the perfect place for you! Larsian is not a restaurant but a place where small eateries are located.  One of the prominent eating havens in Cebu. Visiting Cebu without eating here is really not complete. This is the best to have that Cebu experience!
Pork Barbecue
Please prepare yourself when you go there because as soon as you enter Larsian, a lot of people from different stores will come at you and ask you to eat at their store. I find it confusing and noisy. I was actually kind of disoriented when we went there, as I'm not used to it. But it' still a good experience.
Grilled Sun-dried Squid
At that time, there are still a lot of people eating, to think that we went there almost midnight. It really shows that this place is really popular for locals and tourists. There a lot of choices from pork & chicken to seafood dried and barbecued. Complimenting all of the tasty barbecues is their local version of rice, the "Puso".  It's steamed rice wrap in young coconut leaves.
Puso (Hanging Rice)
Spoon & pork are not necessary when you eat at Larsian. To enjoy it fully, you have to eat in a conventional way, using the hand. They're going to give you disposable plastic bag that you can put on your hand.  But if you rather eat without it, then you can wash your hands.
I heard that they used to give customers disposable plastic gloves but since it's not hygienic, they turned into disposable plastic bags. Still not hygienic but it's for the sake of the Cebu's barbecue experience. If you want a much cheaper food than AA's BBQ, go to Larsian. We only paid Php460.00 for a dinner for 4 people. Talking about cheap!

Larsian is located at the uptown are near Fuente Osmena and Chong Hua Hospital. It's a walking distance from Summit Circle Hotel. Please note that it's not place for luxury but for the food and experience.

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